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Herman Dixon is a professional growth coach, speaker, author and trainer who helps CEO’s, entrepreneurs, leadership teams and sales professionals to maximize their goals and opportunities. His 45+ years of diverse business experience within the insurance and financial services, business professional services, retail, and manufacturing industry sectors enables Herman to be well-positioned to provide insight and hands-on assistance for his valued clients.

As a trainer, Herman has a unique perspective in tailoring his presentations and workshops to enable his clients to achieve lasting and measurable results. His program expertise includes such disciplines as business planning, sales skills, marketing, recruiting, stress management, motivation, personal development and growth, living with change and work-life balance.

As a speaker to businesses and organizations on a wide range of topics, Herman actively engages his audience providing usable information to enable each to better direct their life’s pathway, whether that focus might be from a personal or career perspective. His use of humor, engaging stories and other unique materials often captivates his audiences.

As an author, Herman has been publicized in numerous trade and regional publications on a variety of topics addressing both business and personal perspectives. He is currently completing work on five forthcoming books.



"Know him as a friend and successful business man. Sharing his success with others is pure Herman!"

~ Rick Kepler, Rick Kepler State Farm Insurance Agency

“As the Director of a Financial Services Firm serving the state of South Carolina, Think Big Coaching CEO Herman Dixon has been a mentor and a friend.  His wealth of knowledge in leadership and guidance is crucial for me as a leader. The ability to talk candidly with Herman is crucial for me. Many times leaders have no one to vent to, or anyone to discuss ideas with, that are not in their inner circle. Having a unbiased mentor who listens and ... Read more...

~ Robert Walker

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"Things do not happen; things are made to happen." --John F. Kennedy

"One of the most common problems in our society is unsuccessful people with great potential."    --Hubie Brown

"A business is a reflection of the leader.  A fish doesn't stink just from the tail, and a company doesn't succeed or fail from the bottom." --Gary Feldman 

"The secret of happiness is not discovered in the absence of trials, but in the midst of them."--Ted Nace

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