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"I understand...I know and feel your pain for I sat in your chair for 30 years."

The insurance industry whether it is multi-line, property and casualty only or financial services related is a challenging career.  However, when proper steps are taken it can provide a very rewarding path.  It demands many things including: a clear vision; a workable mission; an unrelenting determination to succeed; care for others; business acumen; the ability to recruit, train and develop others; fearlessness; the list can be long as I am sure you are well aware.

As a former agent, manager and executive, I know what it means to have to meet payroll; to hearing "no"; to hiring others and finding that a mistake was made; to making an investment in advertising only to find that the campaign falls flat on its face.  I also know what it is like to see sales soar; goals to be attained; careers enjoyed and enhanced; and, a group of employees become a team of high achievers.  

I as your professional business coach will partner with you to help you explore your business and your role so that you are better able to achieve your goals, lead in your efforts and positioned to better manage the stress that few know you face each and every day in your career.  

Together, we will utilize your "inner strengths" to help you better understand how success and satisfaction might be more effectively obtained; and, how you can without reservation have a balanced life in the process!

If this sounds like the career and life you want and those walking through your life with you deserve, let go of fear and take the first step. Sign up for a business issue review session with me.  You will not regret your decision!

Remember, the insurance and financial services career path does not have to be a black and blue affair!  Together we will help you find your way!

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"Herman met with me and each of my team members to help me assess their strengths and weaknesses and also solicit input from them on how to improve our agency.  Herman did a fantastic job collecting valuable information for me.  As a result of these discussions, we have added team members, reassigned duties for existing team members and encouraged some to seek other employment.  We’ve also undergone a major face-lift to the interior of our building improving the appearance as well as making the work place more efficient and safer for our team.  Herman has a great deal of knowledge to share after over 30 years in the insurance and financial services business as both a producer and industry executive.  I highly encourage you to utilize his services if you are looking to reduce stress and grow your business."

 ~Tony Pope Agent State Farm Insurance Companies

“As the Director of a Financial Services Firm serving the state of South Carolina, Think Big Coaching CEO Herman Dixon has been a mentor and a friend.  His wealth of knowledge in leadership and guidance is crucial for me as a leader. The ability to talk candidly with Herman is crucial for me. Many times leaders have no one to vent to, or anyone to discuss ideas with, that are not in their inner circle. Having a unbiased mentor who listens and ... Read more...

~ Robert Walker, Modern Woodmen Regional Director

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